What is DREC? The Designated Real Estate Consultant course is a self-paced, online education, certification program that encourages individuals to truly understand today’s marketplace. With

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Comprehensive Coaching

Balance Your Life! Enhance Your Relationships Affected By Your Workload! Grow Your Business! Expand Your Work Time, But Not Your Work Day!   Comprehensive Coaching

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Life Planning Guide

The all encompassing Life Planning Guide is a valuable tool that allows you to put your affairs in order, all in one place! There are

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Member Community

As a Designated Real Estate Consultant graduate, we welcome you to the DREC Member Community!  This is a community of caring where we share experiences,

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  • At some point in my life I believed an opportunity will cross my path that would enrich my life beyond my wildest dreams. I don’t have a crystal ball however the ideas that Danny and Theresa are presenting have the...

    -Dean Leonard
  • With over 4500 completed projects, there is no doubt the Flip The Home You Own process really does work!  Take the class and find out how you can maximize property values while maximizing your service offerings!

    -This Works!