Comprehensive Coaching

Balance Your Life!

Enhance Your Relationships Affected By Your Workload!

Grow Your Business!

Expand Your Work Time, But Not Your Work Day!


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Comprehensive Coaching is a program that focuses on personal and professional development through the use of one-on-one or group coaching sessions.  The end goal is always to help you achieve what you choose to accomplish at this time in your life.




Who Should Hire A Coach?

1)   You!  If you are reading this section, you are curious how to move from where you are in life and business to where you desire to be.  Coaching will satisfy that curiosity and help you move forward.

2)  You!  If you know you have untapped potential but are not sure how to maximize it, your one-on-one coaching will show you the way.

3)  You!  If you are just beginning to launch your career and/or your DREC Certification, there is always a learning curve with new endeavors.  This coaching program will help you collapse time frames and achieve a high level of comfort in your new venture.

4)  You!  If you are one that has tried everything and nothing has worked, then stop looking outside of yourself for the solution.  Coaching brings out the best in you so that you can see the value you have within yourself.  That is what brings true success.

5)   You! If you believe you do not fit into any of the above categories, then coaching is definitely for you.  Why?  Your coach will believe in you so that you begin to believe in yourself.

Coaching Program Options

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Every call will be an eye-opening, rewarding experience when you embrace your coaching opportunity.

Program features:

  • Four 30 minute sessions per month tailor made with you and your personal coach
  • A Life and Business in Perspective analysis
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Post-Call Evaluation
  • High Accountability
  • Access to all Group Coaching Calls
  • Ask The Expert 30 Minute Q & A Group Session once a month

Group Coaching

This option provides step by step directions for successful implementation of the Designated Real Estate Consultant Certification and materials.

Program Features:

  • Two 30 minute sessions per month
    • Topic specific, such as:
      • Forming your Service Provider Network
      • Listing Presentation for Rightsizing Made Simple
      • Listing Presentation for Flip The Home You Own
      • Effective use of the Flip The Home You Own Estimator
      • Uncovering investor dollars for project funding
      • And more!

Program Pricing

One-on-One Personal Coaching – $495.00 per month with an annual contract

Group Coaching – $295.00 per month with a 6 month contract