Rightsizing Made Simple

Rightsizing for Baby Boomers

There is a huge trend happening now!  And it deals with the aging population.  And they need your help!  The Rightsizing Made Simple portion of the Designated Real Estate Consultant deals with how best to service the needs of the fastest growing demographic ever.

As the consultant, your job is to be the source of service providers needed for downsizing all the service providers that will facilitate whatever need they would have, depending on their situation.

Follow the step by step process, utilize The Life Planning Guide, and be the most valuable resource for the Baby Boomer and older community!

The components of this course will teach you how to:

  • Identify the needs of the aging population

  • Determine if ‘Aging In Place’ is possible

  • Establish a service network

  • Debunk the myths of marketing to this sector

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