What is DREC?drec

The Designated Real Estate Consultant course is a self-paced, online education, certification program that encourages individuals to truly understand today’s marketplace.

With the emerging trends of the aging population and the aging inventory of homes. this power house course is a must!

Is it designed to educate the masses on the facts surrounding each trend and why it is so important to specialize in addressing the needs of both.  The DREC affords the student with the background information necessary to grasp the scope of these markets.  It provides the methods and tools to resolve almost any situation at hand and the inspiration to make a difference now!

The Designated Real Estate Consultant Certification Course is ahead of the curve.  So it affords you, the student, to also be ahead of the times, to make your mark on these under-served markets in a way that you may never have thought possible.

In this two-part certification, Rightsizing Made Simple and Flip The Home You Own, you will easily recognize how much your expertise is in demand and that demand will absolutely change how you do business today!

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The Designated Real Estate Consultant certification was the result of Danny Roth’s experience with two incredibly successful programs.

Danny, one of the top Real Estate Entrepreneurs in the United States has been involved with the rehab, marketing and selling of over 4500 distressed homes from Maine to Hawaii.  His skills of determining the AS IS value, fix up cost and fixed up value in all different market places has allowed  Danny to maximize the sale prices all over the nation. Herb Weiss, an investor and real estate entrepreneur with over 40 years in real estate, joined forces with Danny and developed the program of Flip the Home You Own, which introduced the concept of investors who provide financing for property rehabs.  Because of the increased property value due to the rehab, the homeowner and the investor could  then share in the profits at the time of the sale.

Danny also recognized the underserved aging population needs, with their unique requirements when it came to the difficult moves of downsizing while seeking alternative living arrangements.  Utilizing  the Flip the Home You Own program, it was easy to see how combining these two market needs  would create a win-win-win for the homeowner, the investor and the sales agent.

Danny and Herb recognized the need to educate real estate professionals on this vast untapped potential in communities across the country.  Enter Theresa Barnabei, owner of the education company Course Creators, who facilitated the development of a  practical, real-time application,  step by step learning based course.

Together, they created the Designated Real Estate Certification course!

The Goal: Improving properties and improving lives.